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Al Huda Elementary School


Al Huda Elementary School’s core philosophy stems from knowledge, thus the image of a book is at the core of this logo. Children grow and learn to act upon their knowledge, and thrive. Knowledge is at their foundation, and it is their sustenance to grow and thrive into a lush tree, spreading their knowledge with them wherever they go. Acting upon this knowledge is represented by the hand-shaped stems of the trees, branching out of the book. From their hands, grow a variety of different, beneficial leaves, beautifying their actions, and enriching their education.

Curved lines and a cartoony style are used in the tree to reflect the childhood side of the elementary school. Whereas the book is more structured and sleek, to give more of a scholarly, regal look.

The font combines both aspects of scholarly and childhood, by being an in between of serif and sans serif.


Al Huda Elementary School

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